Chag Sameach!

We all know that Chicken Soup is a cornerstone of the holiday table. And whether your family is team Matzah Ball or Team Noodle (or BOTH!), we're here to help provide a truly delicious, homemade-style chicken soup that is worth of your holiday table. Happy New Year!

Rosh Hashannah Package

This package helps you set the table for a happy healthy and yummy New Year! Our package includes (2) 24 oz Matzah Ball Soups, 2 apples, 1 jar of local Petworth Honey, 4 mini challahs rolls, and 3 Apple+ Honey pastries (made by our pals at Saya Salteña)
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Rosh Hashannah Package 2022

Matzah Balls (and Noodles) for All!

Remove rolling Matzah Balls from your holiday prep list: We've got you covered. Simply find where we're sold near you and stock on up for the holiday (and then for the fall....and winter.... just keep us in your freezer at all times). PS - we do ship. Email us at for more details
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